Grief. Give a fig. Here is how:

When we think ‘grief’ we think ‘sad’. The truth is that grief brings with it a complex range of emotions. Intolerance, having no filter, impatience and fury. None of which are fun for anyone.
If you know someone who has experienced a death is appearing intolerant, impatient, angry, furious or has no filter, and this is out of character for them, it’s likely that what is underlying their emotions is grief; missing their person. It’s OK to ask them a question and check in with them.
Doing grief alone sucks, so asking a question is connecting human to human, and can make the world of difference to another person’s day, and life.
How are you travelling?
How are u going missing (Karen/Kevin/Name)?
How are you going with the grief?
You might stumble over your words if you are feeling awkward, but that doesn’t matter! What is important is that you have asked and shown that you give a fig. 
Contact Michelle for more information on The Grief Language Project® and how the Project can help your community become more fluent in grief language and know ‘how’ to show another human that they give a fig.