No one grieves alone.

Helping you take the next steps after losing a loved one.

Safe Space

A safe space to process your grief and express your emotions.


Access to a supportive community that understands what you’re going through.


Assistance with the logistical challenges that arise following a death.

Whether it’s been days, months or years, the death of a loved one can significantly impact your wellbeing.

Grief Connect®  will provide you with accurate information, connect you to the right support and services, and offer comprehensive counselling so you can be empowered to move forward with life and address the challenges associated with losing a loved one.

How Grief Connect® can help

Counselling and referral services

Emotional and practical support including full assessments, counselling and referrals to the formal and informal services that often need to be accessed following a death.

Widowed Support

Respectful, empathetic and comforting online support groups. A safe space to share thoughts and experiences without judgement. Open to men and women.

The Grief Language Project®

Learn how to have meaningful conversations around grief and bereavement. Seminars that educate your team on how to manage grief and support those who have experienced a death.

“Grieving doesn’t make you imperfect. It makes you human.”

– Sarah Dessen

Hi, I'm Michelle

My life imploded at 38 when my partner Nathan died suddenly and I was left to manage not only my own grief, but that of my young children.

I was devastatingly sad, the loneliness of missing Nathan consumed my world, and I was filled with anxiety and uncertainty about the future. While I had the loving support of friends and family, I craved community with people who had been through similar experiences to mine. 

So four months after Nathan died, I founded the Grief Connect® Young Widowed Support Group – a peer-to-peer online and in person support group. Meeting other widowed people was life changing for me. Sharing stories and experiences with other widowed people normalised my intense grief and I found the connections that grounded me.

This led to the foundation of Grief Connect® – grief and bereavement services to support you through the loss of a loved one and help you realise you’re not alone.

Michelle Moriarty is a 2023 Agrifutures WA Rural Women’s Award Winner

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