‘I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to say.’

The Grief Language Project® is a unique program providing psychological safety education and training that is available to corporate and small business workplaces, communities and groups.  The Project aims to reduce the awkwardness, both at home and in the workplace, associated with conversations around grief and bereavement. By becoming fluent in ‘grief language’, you’ll increase your confidence in communicating about grief, equip yourself with strategies to manage your own grief, or be a better support system to those who have lost someone.

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‘I was motivated to start The Grief Language Project® after the death of my partner. While most people were incredible, others didn’t know what to say and avoided me, or having a conversation on grief, completely. Worse still were the intrusive questions at inappropriate times and places, such as my local supermarket. By coming together to learn about grief and how we can better support each other and ourselves, we normalise grief as a human process and reduce the sense of feeling uncomfortable when discussing loss.

Read more about my personal experience with grief.

Michelle Moriarty is a 2023 Agrifutures WA Rural Women’s Award Winner

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Private Clients

Organisations Companies

Community Groups

Tailored seminars to suit your organisation

Potential topics include: 

  • My personal story of grief and loss 
  • If you have experienced a death: grief language skills and practical and psychological grief management strategies.
  • If you are supporting someone who has experienced a death: grief language skills and what to do to support someone who has experienced a death.
  • Duty of care management at home and in the workplace.
  • Self care for those who are grieving and their support networks.
  • Self care for professionals and in the workplace. Inclusive for Social Work, Psychologist and Community Service Workers.
  • Presentations are tailored to your workplace and community needs. 

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