As many of us gear up to celebrate another Mother’s Day, there are also many of us who are faced with the mix of emotions that mother’s day can bring when we miss people who have died.

Mother’s Day is another “event day” that can be really tricky to navigate along the grief journey.

Some of us are missing our Mum or Mother figure, some of us are Mums who are missing an important person who should be celebrating the day with us, and some of us are missing our children who should be with us.

As the day approaches, what we can do, to prepare for the day is plan.

The Grief Language Project® 3 P’s.  PLAN an activity, PLAN an exit strategy and PLAN.

1.PLAN – An activity.

Consider your options of how you may want to spend the day.

Who do you want to spend Mother’s Day with?

Where do you want to be on Mother’s Day?

How will you travel to and from your event?

What family traditions would you like to continue or create?

Plan an activity that feels right for you.

2. PLAN – Contingency Plan.

How we feel on Mother’s Day can be unpredictable.

It may be easier or harder than expected. Sometimes things don’t go as expected or we need a fast exit.

Create a contingency plan for Mother’s Day. What is your plan A, plan B or plan C?

Let your loved ones know what you need and how they can support you with plan A, B, C. If you need to be alone, tell your loved ones and allow them to help you plan to be safe and supported.

3. PLAN – A safe Place.

Plan to have options on Mother’s Day of being able to access spaces where you feel safe and supported.

This may be planning to be in spaces surrounded by many or just a few people, it may be spaces where you are alone, or it may be spaces where you can combine all of the above.

Having control in making your own choice about the company you are in, can be very helpful. 

Remember, it’s Ok to say ‘no, thank you’.        It’s also OK to enjoy the day and feel happiness. We can miss our people and celebrate life at the same time!