Grief can bring forth intense emotions and can leave you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of what to do next.

Grief Connect provides counselling, peer support groups and grief-centred education for those wishing to know how to have better conversations around grief.

How Grief Connect can help

Counselling and referral services

Emotional and practical support including full assessments, counselling and referrals to the formal and informal services that often need to be accessed following a death.

Widowed Support

Respectful, empathetic and comforting online support groups. A safe space to share thoughts and experiences without judgement. Open to men and women.

The Grief Language Project

Learn how to have meaningful conversations around grief and bereavement. Seminars that educate your team on how to manage grief and support those who have experienced a death.



Counselling and individual support is available through the online booking system. 


Online appointments are available Australia wide. Access support from the privacy of your own space.


Michelle tailors powerful and educational keynote speaking presentations to your community or workplace’s specific needs.  

“Our grief is as individual as our lives.”

– Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Book me for your next speaking event

I love the opportunity to inspire and offer hope on issues surrounding   grief and bereavement. 

While grief and bereavement can seem like a ‘heavy’ topic, I also incorporate  my lighter experiences of grief to make the topic more comfortable and  relatable.

Attendees often feel a sense of relief by having a safe and honest
conversation about grief and are empowered to manage their own grief and
support those currently experiencing grief, both now and into the future.

Topics I can present on include: 

  • My personal story of grief and loss.
  • If you have experienced a death: grief language skills and practical and psychological grief management strategies.
  • If you are supporting someone who has experienced a death: grief language skills and what to do to support someone who has experienced a death.
  • Duty of care management at home and in the workplace.
  • Self care for those who are grieving and their support networks.
  • Self care for professionals and in the workplace. Inclusive for Social Work, Psychologist and Community Service Workers.
  • Community support: improving grief and mental health outcomes by accessing your community.

I’m a confident and compassionate speaker who is able to connect with  audiences on an emotional topic while fostering a joyous, celebratory and insightful atmosphere.