Insights with Maggie Dent | Author | Educator | Podcast Host.

Last week I was so fortunate to meet Maggie Dent in person. Not once, but twice. Maggie is a parenting expert, an author, educator, podcast host… the list goes on… basically Maggie is a super amazing human being. I have followed Maggie Dent for some time, and certainly see her as a voice of wisdom and guidance around all things parenting, including around grief and bereavement.

My first meeting last week with Maggie, was over a coffee.

We shared the reality of our humanness, and around how important story sharing is. Story sharing provides us with social connections that we crave as human beings. Within the social connections that frame our life, our communication and stories provide the knowledge and tools, on how we can support each other processing death and grief along our journey’s forward.  

We all have a story, and so many of us have faced grief, or “the loss of” something or someone important to us. When we give space for grief language, social and energetic connections happen, and we naturally teach and learn from each other.

Being empathetic, compassionate, and kind towards each other in the space of grief conversations whilst using our grief language skills, is so important.

What I loved about our conversation, was despite intensely discussing the emotionally heavy topic of death and grief, our conversation was also heavily scattered with humour and hope. For me, that is what it is all about, continuing not only the grief journey, but the ‘life’ journey.

We move forward, one day at a time, and it really is a great thing to allow a sense of humour to filter back on in.   

A few days later I attended Maggie’s seminar “From Boys to Men”.  Maggie’s bright sense of humour shining through, whilst the audience sat intensely absorbing Maggie’s teaching and wisdom on parenting our boys.

Thank you Maggie, for holding space on the importance of acknowledging death, grief and grief language. And for helping so many of us out there with our parenting.  Not only addressing the challenges, but also embracing the joys.